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Watch Her Do an inspirational website, where women can take action. They can rally around their friend to show her that they see her during big moments of her life. For example, divorce, break up, planning travel, or buying a house.

Help women celebrate other woman's big changes in their life.

The problem

Business Team


or what do women want?

When we met with Victoria (client), she communicated her idea to us and asked for help to put it into place. So, we started digging into woman heads with a question What Do Women Want?

Create a website where women can get inspiration and gather a group of people to rally around someone that is going through a certain phase in their life.


Cheerful Woman with Glasses

There are a lot of moments in woman’s life that are unseen. She bought a house, got a promotion or planned a trip. When a friend is going through these moments, we usually send a Gif "Congrats" message, an email, or sometimes don't do anything because we don’t know how to act.

Victoria Sale, Client


Our team consisted of 3 designers and a client. Since the client was from Illinois, we used Zoom for meetings, a couple of times a week. My role was to create documentation and lead On boarding User Flow

Professional Smiling Woman


The client provided us with a user persona. Victoria suggested a user of Watch Her Do with her pain points and goals. We took a User Persona designated by a client complemented with research insights and created Claire.


Age - 33yo ​

Job - Senior Bussiness Consultant 160k/y 

Family - single

Location - Boston, MA.


Claire is a hustling woman. She high fives people for good work. Sometimes she feels that she doesn't give back enough. Unfortunately, simple GIFs and emails don't show how she feels about her friend.


She wants to lift up her friend by doing something for her. For example, create a registry. 


But she doesn't know for sure what her friend wants or needs and doesn't have time to figure it out. 


The project took three weeks. The hardest parts of the project were:

 - Define the purpose of the website.

 - Figure out the process behind it, keeping in mind Victoria's conditions.

 - Make it simple so that the client can implement it the following day. 


During the first week of our sprint, we focused on business strategy along with UX Research. It took us seven days to come up with three kinds of outcomes for Watch Her Do that was approved by a client:

1. Email delivery of a digital gift basket;

Four main parts of the Digital Gift Box: 

a. On-boarding, 

b. Invite, 

c. Registry, 

d. Product Delivery

2. One page website

3. One-Day Digital Flash-mob

These three outcomes were UX strategy for WHD. Our MVP was to deliver a home page with three visible outcomes, which first of them was working and the last two were under development. That way the client could implement her idea the next day in Wix while working on the website with a developer creating Watch Her Do in all its glory. 


Wireframes represented the skeleton of the website. It helped us arrange the interface elements while we focused on the functionality and simplicity of wireframes. Simple boxes and lines in a Sketch App allowed us to test ideas quickly without diving into the details.


Organizing Liftable Moments

We divided Liftable moments by categories.

  • she bought a house;

  • she got ghosted;  

  • she's making bold moves at work, etc.

​Each group has gestures that were curated by Victoria. Users can add gestures to a Rally. To inspire and help users create a gift basket. 


During this short project, we accomplished many of our design goals. Plus helped the client to build a foundation for her business.

Our final prototype highlights a user flow going from On-boarding to Product Delivery.

Step 1.

Implement existing design (Digital Gift Box part) on a platform. 

Step 2.

Create product Strategy for One-page website and One-Day Digital Flash-mob part of Watch Her Do.

Step 3. 

Build an entire website and mobile application.

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